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As we stated before, SE Bike’s very own Kris Fox recently spent three weeks touring New Zealand with Red Bull. Today Red Bull released the teaser video for the #TipToTail video series that is going to give everyone an in depth look of everything that went down for the guys as they traveled through New Zealand. We must say, we are excited to get a taste of whats to come! For the next four weeks, there will be a new episode released every Thursday. OK, enough rambling, peep this teaser now!

Mar 252015

Sebatian Solano shreds for SE out of Argentina and he is definitely not afraid to go big! Check out this wild front flip sequence of Sebatian! Holdin’ it down in Argentina on his SE Gaudium!


Mar 242015

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Props to Javier Colombo for scoring the cover of this month’s Pull magazine aboard his PK Ripper Elite XL! He’s got a 4-page interview inside as well!


Mar 202015

The Toronto Jam went down about a week ago up north of the boarder. SE Bikes shredder Ross Lanier made his way out for his first contest back since coming off knee surgery to have his ACL repaired. Ross killed it all weekend with runs consisting of big flip whips over the box and massive 180 barspins over the spine just to name a few things. After it was all said and done, he ended up missing out on finals by two spots. Not too shabby for your first contest back in about a year! Good stuff Ross and glad to see you back in the mix!



2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist and multi-time world champion BMX racer Donny Robinson recently spent some time at the action sports mecca known as Woodward West. While there he ended up riding trails, riding skateparks, and even learned back flips from BMX legend DMC! From successful race stats to backflips at the skatepark on a PK Ripper Elite with a number plate. Now that is BMX!! Donny rules!



Be sure to head over and give SE Bikes shredder @tomfernandez505 a follow on instagram! Be sure to check out what our New Mexico based A Pro gets into on a daily basis!


Mar 172015

SE Bikes shredder Larry Edgar spent this past weekend riding demos for Vans Mexico down in Mexico City. The festival looked insane with music performances and thousands of people on hand. Of course Larry did his usual self with MASSIVE airs and flowing the ramps like no other! Thanks for helping thousands of people in Mexico City get stoked on BMX Larry!

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In case you missed it, our very own Kris Fox has spent the last 3 weeks traveling through the country of New Zealand from the tip of the North Island to the tail of the South Island with Red Bull. In between the crew got into an adventure of a lifetime from riding amazing skateparks and trails as well as doing some “New Zealand-ish” activities. Peep these two write ups that Red Bull posted from the trip to get the low down from their eyes. They are a great read and give some great insight on what the crew got into. Also stay on the lookout for the online episodes from the entire trip, those are sure to be good!

North Island Story
South Island Story

Kris Fox - Action

Kris Fox - Action

Photos by Graeme Murray.

Sheep Hills Local!

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Mar 122015

SE’s Brand Manager, Todd Lyons has been riding down at the Sheep Hills trails in Huntington Beach, CA for the past 20+ years. He is considered as one of the SHL’s (Sheep Hills Locals). A few months ago, Todd saw a new face down at the trails. This guy’s name is Craig and he was down there nearly every day building an maintaining the jumps. Soon it became apparent that Craig literally lived down at the trails. He has been down on his luck and had set up camp and was living deep in the woods.  Todd soon found out that Craig did not have a home to go to, and it pained him to see Craig on a beat up bike. So Todd did what any whole-hearted BMXer would do. He cruised down to the trails the next day with an extra PK Ripper as a gift for Craig. He was so stoked to get a new bike! -And here Craig is, blasting some flatty’s on the PK Ripper. Now this is the BMX LIFE!1