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Recently, the guys over at Dig BMX got together with SE Bike’s Kris Fox for a featured article. With Kris’ recent trip back to Colorado, he personally wrote a short story on the events from his perspective. The outlook he has is a strong one and this is a great read! Peep the entire story HERE!

“This is not a job, this is not to have social media followers, this is not to make money, this is for living an organic and happy life for all of the right reasons and whatever happens after that is just a blessing. I am truly thankful for BMX and I’m truly thankful for everyone in it. -Kris Fox

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All photos by Matt Cordova.

BikeRumor recently did an article on our new weapon of a bike, the ever popular “Fat Ripper”. Peep what they had to say in their own words:

“When you think you’ve seen it all… and then something new comes along to blow your mind – that is pretty much what I went through when I saw SE Racing’s “Fat Ripper”. In a sea of fatbikes, this thing stood out like nothing else in the oversize category at Interbike as this is not a BMX bike for riding in the snow….. though you could!”

You can peep the full article by clicking HERE!



Oct 052015

Peep Kris Fox’s personal speed machine. Kris’ 2016 signature Gaudium bike is available NOW and this thing is lookin’ FRESH!

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Oct 042015

Stompin’ Stu Thomsen is no stranger to racking up wins. Peep him here at the USABMX Seaside Nationals chalking up yet another first place to add to his already amazing career.

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SE Bikes for Days!

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Oct 032015

Check out Rob’s SE collection! He says he owns about 20 SE bikes and has over 300 BMX bikes in total! Now that’s some BMX love right there…



Oct 022015

The young guns of the #sefactorysquad have been turning heads this entire USABMX season. With the final races of the year approaching, you know they are going to end on a strong note. Peep Alex Miramontes here gettin’ it!

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Oct 012015

Check out our new 2016 SE Bikes Catalog. All kinds of new radness in here! We’ve got you covered on everything SE, peep it HERE!

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Bob Haro Classics

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Sep 302015

Check it out! Todd Britton took some classic Bob Haro drawings, some featuring SE Racing, and applied them as graphics to his bike. Pretty freakin’ cool. And custom!

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Sep 292015

The guys over at BMXUnion recently linked up with SE Bike’s Larry Edgar to go over the amazing year he has been having, as well as his future plans. This is a great read! Click HERE to see what makes Larry tick!

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Photo by Kyle Carlson.

The USABMX series is underway until the month of November, and reigning Vet Pro champion Javier Colombo has been clicking strong finishes off left and right. Currently sitting second in championship standings, look for him to pour it on in these final races. Yeah Javi!

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